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Ordering Custom Rawlings Jerseys/Pants Is Easy:

1. Visit

2. Create an account 

3. Click on Uniform Designs and customize head to toe what you want your uniforms to look like.

- use their templetes to create a unique your uniforms type, color, fonts, numbers, names ect. Choose from button down jerseys with matching pants to sublimated tops in your teams colors and logos.

4. Once finished save the file and email it to us at

5. Our sales rep will look over your design, confirm specifics, and give you all of our best options on pricing. 

6. Once you confirm a design, style, names, and numbers price we'll process your order. 

7. Your fully customized uniforms take 4-6 weeks 


Get Free Shipping in the US on Orders over $150 Automatically at Checkout
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